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Sales have been slowing down and I've managed to attain a job that aligns with my career path so to make sure that no one get less then 100 percent on here I'm pausing the store and focusing on the new job for a bit. Not sure when or if I'll reopen. Any outstanding orders will be sent out this week.

Pink PyrexGlass Tentacle


$29.99 USD

Sold Out

A beautifully made pyrex glass piece, smooth, with lovely nubs along its curved g-spot (and p-spot) hitting length. A great addition to anyones toy chest. Made of super durable pyrex glass its ideal for temperature play and other wonderful applications! Tested in shop for durability, drop tested from 5 ft onto concrete, frozen, boiled, and dishwasher washed, this piece will last you a very long time! Comes with a handy dandy black velvet baggy for storage!

Full Length: 21.0 cm
Usable length: 18.0 cm
Min Diameter: 2.0   cm
Max Diameter: 2.5   cm

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