Miniature-Minx Kik

Miniature Minx

$39.99 USD

Make sure to include your username in the note section of the order to be added! Allow 24h for processing.

Get Miniature-Minxy's Snapchat and get:

  • Get to know Minxy via the Kik messaging service, she loves to get to know her fans!
  • Cute pictures and videos from the one and only Minxy!
  • Ask her any questions between 9am and 9 pm Monday - Saturday and get a response within she will endeavour to get back to you in 24h.
  • Possible special events exclusive to the platform!

*By purchasing this product you agree to the oh so simple Terms of Service, which basically state that:

  • No screenshots, copying or distributing of any content, details, or information off the platform.
  • No sending of unsolicited genital pictures (penis, vulva/vagina, anus, etc.). No exception.
  • Be polite, no degrading language, no insults, no unsolicited roleplay. Minxy reserves the right to not interact with anyone that makes her uncomfortable.
  • Have Fun!

Breaking these rules will result in termination of your interaction with Minxy with no refund.

Let's have lots of fun together!


Minxy (^_^)