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Sales have been slowing down and I've managed to attain a job that aligns with my career path so to make sure that no one get less then 100 percent on here I'm pausing the store and focusing on the new job for a bit. Not sure when or if I'll reopen. Any outstanding orders will be sent out this week.

Jack Boot Rubber and Wood Paddle

Icon Brands

$39.99 USD

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An ultra sturdy, perfectly full sized paddle that will absolutely leave its mark on playtime, the Jackboot is a no-nonsense addition to tons of creative bdsm scenarios. Made from a silky blend of compressed pine and oak, plus hardy black rubber with a heavy tread, there's no flexibility at all to the Boot, perfect for precise whacks and lots of maneuverability. A leather lined handle is long and easy to grip, it features a long loop of cord that can be worn around the wrist. The Boot is 10 inches long.