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Sales have been slowing down and I've managed to attain a job that aligns with my career path so to make sure that no one get less then 100 percent on here I'm pausing the store and focusing on the new job for a bit. Not sure when or if I'll reopen. Any outstanding orders will be sent out this week.

All Silicone Extreme Paddle


$39.99 USD

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A classic bdsm staple in silky silicone, Fetish Fantasy's Silicone Paddle offers up lots and lots of potential to some seriously playful punishment scenarios. Supple and wonderfully flexible yet stingingly sensual, this paddle is absolutely perfect for customized maneuvers, the pleasantly weighty, naturally silky feel whips and whirls like nothing else, delivering light, teasing slaps or teeth-gritting whacks with amazing ease. Completely body safe, hypoallergenic and wonderfully odor free, the silky feel is nothing short of mind-blowing. The premium silicone warms quickly to match body heat, but if you'd like a cooler option, just place the Paddle in the fridge or freezer before play for some thrilling temperature variances. Approximately 16 inches (40.64cm) long and 2.4 inches (6.1cm) wide.