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Dec. 14th is Last Day for Shipping before the Holidays.

Dec. 14th is the last day for shipping to have a chance of getting your items before the Christmas Holidays.

All Silicone O-Ring Gag


$28.99 USD

A all silicone O-ring gag, great for when you still want access to the gagged orifice. Lovely smooth and firm silicone covering a stainless steel ring for super resilience.

Has a lockable clasp at the back so you can use those cute tiny locks on it.

Ring Outer Diameter:  5 cm / 1.9 inches
Ring Inner Diameter: 3.7 cm / 1.45 inches
Max Strap length: 50 cm / 20.5 inches
Min Strap length: 35.5 cm / 14 inches


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