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Taking a break.

Sales have been slowing down and I've managed to attain a job that aligns with my career path so to make sure that no one get less then 100 percent on here I'm pausing the store and focusing on the new job for a bit. Not sure when or if I'll reopen. Any outstanding orders will be sent out this week.

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Washing Your Hand Dyed Cotton Shibari Rope Posted on 10 Aug 20:44

If you have a front loading washer, put the rope in on the delicate cycle with some color safe detergent (like a teaspoon per 30 ft). Make sure it's cold water on wash and rinse.

Once washed you might want to put it on a extra spin cycle to get most of the water out of the rope then coil the rope stretching it out as you go (I use the hand and arm technique because it's quick) then just hang the loop to dry (preferably in sunlight) no extra weight or stretch or anything.

After the wash grab a rag (denim works well) and some heavy pharmacy grade mineral oil, dab about a table spoon onto the rag and run the rope through to condition it, you can do that a couple of times to your taste. :)

*Note: You should try and avoid washing your rope too often, so leave full washes to bodily fluid stains and other problematic and stinky issues, and spot clean where possibly, the bodies natural oils are a wonderful conditioner and the rope will feel nicer with every use!

Have fun everyone!